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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

It isn’t always easy to rest. No, not sleep, or lay down, or sit on the couch. Rest-allowing the mind to unwind and have relief from the constant wave of intrusive thoughts and memories. A peaceful environment must be created, with carefully chosen scents, a clean space, moisturized skin, good music, a creative outlet. Needs.

I take out a day every week for myself, usually Saturday morning, to rest, recharge, to heal. I work tirelessly all week, and I allow myself one day to focus on my health.I deserve it.

On my “me” day, I rise early. I regret feeling like I’ve wasted a day and want to start molding my energy while the world is still down. It’s easier to build new, positive energy than flip negative energy.

I start by cleaning my environment.

Laundry takes the longest. I always start with laundry.

Turn on the cleaning playlist. It’s impossible to clean without a beat. Light my saturday morning candle. Once the smells of strong chemicals fade, I want to be met by the fresh scent of clean linens.

Go to work. Clearing out my space helps to clear out the tangles in my mind.

I sing. I dance. I lean against the wall to laugh at some memes. I answer a call from my sister, joke for a bit. I forget to check the laundry once or three times. Oops.

By hour two, I’ve performed a multi-genre concert while simultaneously making space in my mind for positive energy.

Time to hydrate.

I fill a container with hot water. Add lavender and oils. I soak my feet while I get caught up on my favorite podcast. A few minutes into my soak,  I pull out my pink futbol salt scrub. As I massage it into my feet. It reveals newer, smoother skin. I love that.

My black soap is gently lathered over every crevice, providing a deep clean. I turn the stream of water away and dry the excess water from my skin. I reach for my loving me body scrub. It’s my favorite scent - a sweet vanilla.  As I slowly rub the sugar across my skin, I can feel the old skin, the dull me, the stress of last week be replaced by glowing, moisturized skin. It’s so soft to the touch.

I pat dry and reach for my whipped shea butter. It melts in my hand and the sweet, earthy vanilla scent covers me.

I feel clean. My space is spotless and smells fresh. I am clean. I’m recharged and healed.

The rest of the day is left for me to create - to write, to make products, to film videos. Ooh, it brings me peace, I promise.

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Loving the blog and the products! Burning one of my “thelanke” candles as I read this.

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